Chinese writer who murders used as inspiration for novels, is sentenced to death

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The Chinese writer Liu Yongbiao (53) has on Monday sentenced to death for a quadruple murder that he is 23 years ago, has been committed.

‘Finally, here I am waiting for years on. I have all the time in turmoil and chaos lived. Now there will be a happy ending.” When the Chinese police last year to the door of Yongbiao was to him to arrest him, was the writer rather relieved than afraid. The man, who, during his career, several novels and books of poetry wrote, had 22 years earlier, a quadruple murder and that mental ballast weighed in his own words heavy on his quality of life.


The murders Yongbiao in 1995 committed, were pretty gruesome. The writer was staying at a hostel in the province of Zhejiang, where he together with a companion during a guest robbed, and him edited with melee weapons, which the man died. Alarmed by the noise was the torque that the hostel ran to watch what was going on, which Yongbiao them doodknuppelde. Because the 13-year-old grandson of the owners as possible, was a witness to the three killings, decided the writer finally to him to kill.

Because there is not enough images were of the quadruple murder, and also a buurtbevraging not yielded, it took 22 years before the police the DNA at the crime scene – there had to 60.000 fingerprints are to be examined – could link to that of the Chinese writer.

Novels and poems

In the meantime, had the latter been a few novels written where the elements of the murders were processed. Thus spoke Yongbiao in some of his poems about ‘the silent guilt of deeds of blood did flow, “and in his book, The Guilty Secret from 2010 he wrote in the preface:” I want a novel to write about a beautiful female writer who for many people has been killed without that the matter is resolved.’ The woman would, according to Yongbiao each time to the police to escape, and would be a perfect double life to lead.

The Chinese media reported Monday that Liu Yongbiao sentenced to death. The author hopes his book about the murderous writer have yet to be able to make for his life to terminate. “I have to tell this story: it is around the circle.’

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