Chinese monk accused of raping nuns

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The influential Chinese monk Xuecheng denies the accusation that he has several women raped after he would have them enchanted, as in a leaked report.

Xuecheng would his victims have been led to believe that sexual contacts with him were part of their buddhist training, as stated in a report that two other monks from his monastery communs. He would bring them also ‘bewitched’ with ‘inappropriate messages’.

Xuecheng, next to the youngest person ever at the head of the Buddhist Association of China is also a political advisor of the Chinese government, it would be that way for at least four victims have made. The first complaint dates back to december 2017, and is coming from a nun who was in the monastery of Xuecheng lived.

“He has the monastery in his power’, is in the 95-page report. ‘Xuecheng manipulating his followers to be ‘buddhist kingdom’ to serve.’


The monk was brought up for questioning, but denied the facts, on which he was released. The monastery where Xuecheng stay, promises on Weibo, the Chinese counterpart of Twitter, although a research, but accuses the two monks to the report, up also of the falsification of evidence.

The hefty document circulated for some time on Weibo, the Chinese authorities will be taken offline. “I have no idea who it is posted online, we were not,” says one of the two whistleblowers at the BBC. Further questions he refused to answer.

Xuecheng is the latest in a line of prominent Chinese who is accused of misconduct, even if it was the #metoo movement there later on the corridor than in the West. Earlier this year, a university professor and a well-known journalist of similar facts the accused.

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