Black boxes found after plane crash Mexico

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After the plane crash Tuesday in the northwest of Mexico, are the two black boxes of the aircraft found. “They are in a reasonable condition”, says the head of Luis Gerardo Fonseca from the Mexican directorate general of civil aviation.

The twin-engined Embraer 190 Aeroméxico, the largest airline of the country, crashed Tuesday shortly after take-off down in the city of Durango, and then the unit fire took hold. According to the governor of the same state, Jose Aispuro, was the accident may be due to the bad weather conditions. The information from the black boxes should shed light on.

On board were 103 people: 99 passengers, among whom 9 children and 2 babies, and 4 members of crew. There were no deaths. All the occupants were to be cared for and transferred to different hospitals. Currently, 22 of them cared. Two wounded, one of the pilots, and a child, there are very.

The American consulate in Monterrey reported recently that at least 65 passengers of the plane, which was on the way to Mexico City, American citizens were. In addition, it would also be especially Spaniards and Colombians on board.

The last serious plane crash in Mexico dates back to 2000. Then, it took a crash of a device of the society Aerocaribe in the southeastern state of Chiapas, the life of 19 people.

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