Bad news for the fans of The world’s Smartest Man

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Bad luck for the fans of The Smartest Man In the World. The program this autumn, again FOUR will show, will lose one of its strongholds. The Latest News writes Thursday that Philippe Geubels not in the jury of the program will be shown. The reason for this? Geubels would, according to his entourage is way too much work with other things. Or has the absence of the comedian to do with the exclusivity contract that the presenter is a thick years ago, signed with the public broadcaster? The fact is that Philippe Geubels it is indeed busy. So there are the recordings of his fiction series Geub and the start of his new tour. “Thanks for everything” starts at the end of October, in the period that The Smartest Man in the World at the antenna. It is a new theatre show and there creeps a lot of time and energy in the preparations. But that Philippe Geubels not one time has to be The Smartest Man In the World to scuba diving, which is doing the eyebrows frown. According to The Latest News would be the absence of Geubels sometimes can be explained by the fact that FOUR earlier this year, The Mol from Monday to Sunday, moved. Suddenly got One out of the kijkercijfers. The Sunday evening was for many years the evening of One and suddenly had The 3 Point with Kobe Ilsen it with a pack of viewers less. They are therefore at the VRT on their toes stepped on and is then internally decides to Geubels not more to FOUR to send? It can be but that is not necessarily the case. Philippe Geubels is already, in 2009, the jury of The Smartest Man In the World, he made it as it were part of the decor. An episode with Geubels in the jury was in advance all, a successful episode. The question is now: who will replace Philippe Geubels in about 10 episodes of The Smartest Man In the World? Erik Van Looy in any case, not because of who remains in post as a presenter. Jérôme, Wim Helsen, Karen Damen, James Cooke, Stefaan Degand, Jonas Geirnaert, Sven de Leijer, Bart Cannaerts, and perhaps Sam Gooris get extra episodes the chance to see the funniest, The Smartest Man In the World. The sixteenth season of The Smartest Man In the World, this autumn at FOUR.

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