Austria is experimenting with higher speed limit

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Those on vacation to or through Austria attracts, on some motorways now 140 kilometers per hour can drive. It is going to be an experiment, since this month has started.

Concretely, this involves a journey of 120 kilometers, on different parts of the A1 between Salzburg and Vienna. Who between Sattledt and Knoten Haid drive, in both directions, about 15 kilometres long from now 140 instead of 130 kilometers per hour. The same applies between the Oed and Milk, a piece of approximately 45 kilometers.

The time remains at all limited. Along the entire route of the A1, in one direction, you can drive there in two minutes less time.

The test of a minister of Transport Norbert Hofer (FPÖ) is not uncontroversial. Both from the point of view of road safety and the environment is hampered. In the first instance, it is intended to after a year of the balance sheet.


According to a test of the Austrian newspaper Heute , the increase of the limit to an adjustment to the daily reality on the highway. An editor of the newspaper, explained in February, the journey of 130 miles per hour, and had to find out that most of the other cars to him all caught up.

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