Aircraft evacuated after a joke, 12-year-old

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Nice – Nice-airport are two planes evacuated, after a twelve-year-old boy a ‘joke’ with the occupants had been removed.

Airport Nic where a 12-year-old kid, the quantity on stilts set.

The boy knew the passengers convince them that a bomb would be present, writes Metro.

Through the service AirDrop, an app that operates via Bluetooth, he knew to the mobile phones on two devices the following message: “There is a bomb present in the plane with destination to Rome. Go to the toilets and consultation; there is a bomb.”

A kid out of Kuwait caused panic with a Airdropbericht.

Two units are ready with the destination Rome were immediately evacuated.

The police seized quickly that the message was sent by one Ali. A check of the about ship passenger lists showed that there is only one Ali was present in any of the units: a twelve-year-old boy from Kuwait.

The boy because of his age, not in custody to be taken, according to the newspaper La Libre.

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