Advocate civil parties expected more clarity in the autumn

04472518daadedaccb383a93531546b3 - Advocate civil parties expected more clarity in the autumn

About the investigation into the case around televisiefiguur Bart De Pauw expected Christine Mussche, a lawyer of the women who were civil parties have asked, in the autumn with more clarity. “The research would be located in a final stage,” she said today in The Morning on Radio 1. The public prosecutor of Antwerp offers no comment on the case.

The lawyer explained that it is not the intention of her cliëntes was to immediately file a complaint. The research is an initiative of the public prosecutor, after Bart De Pauw the situation itself to the outside and the VRT thereon had responded, she said. The advocate is pleased with the manner in which the research is conducted. “There is very, very hard and thoroughly worked. We can all but happy about it.”

Mussche regrets the way the case in the media. “I think this is the case does no good, because there is already an idea formed without knowledge of the business. That should then also for a piece to be rectified, even by a lawyer of the victims,” said Mussche. “I only know that the ladies were satisfied with the issues corrected, because it is in the first instance, a bit was represented as a hypersensitivity, as though they were not against a faint sounds totally fake or flirtatious behavior could. But it is going to be more than that.”

The lawyer will find that Bart De Pauw already heavily addressed. “For all clarity, this is about harassment, not sexual assault or anything of that nature,” she said. “On the other hand, he also has a lot of statements of support received. As a man, I have the feeling that there is already a heavy impact on both his private and his business. The question is whether that would be in proportion with the things that really happened.”

According to Mussche is the greatest achievement of #metoo that attention has come for the issue “that a lot more exists than we are today and all knew”. “The people have gotten the courage to come out,” she said.

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