Additional hittemaatregelen on Antwerp festival Linkerwoofer

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On Antwerp’s Left bank is Friday and Saturday, the 14th edition of the popular festival Linkerwoofer place. The organization hopes that, like last year, at least 18.000 festival-goers to welcome and want people who have doubts because of the predicted heat convince by extra hittemaatregelen to take. On the poster are as always, especially Belgian teams, such as Millionaire, Warhaus and The Jets.

Both Friday as Saturday would be the mercury above 30 degrees in the Antwerp, but according to the organization of Linkerwoofer that will be the fun during the festival does not spoil. “Our location is really ideal for these temperatures, because right next to the Scheldt, we can always count on a fresh breeze”, says co-organiser Stu, great danes. “You can, therefore, better to come here than at home in the heat. In addition, we take extra measures: we will create even more shade than usual, sharing free sunscreen and ensure free potable water on our market.”

Linkerwoofer also works this year only with sales at the box office on the day itself. To already long queues will be, according to the organization, not lead. Tickets cost both on Friday and Saturday 15 euros, although you can on Saturday, all for 12 euro to the inside if you for 15 hours. Children smaller than 1 meter are allowed, by analogy with theme parks – free if they are accompanied. In addition to the performances, there is also a market with foodtrucks and children’s entertainment such as obstakelbanen, make-up and circus acts.

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