Win a cd of Ghost Rockers!

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Hours of song and dance fun with the favorite songs of the Ghost Rockers! Do you see that at all? Join our competition for the chance to win the latest Ghost Rockers-cd!!!

Are you a fan of the super-cool Studio 100-series Ghost Rockers? And sing and dance you like to be on their favourite music? Then do you want to hold this cd in your house! Answer the following wedstrijdvragen and who knows, find you soon have a copy in your mailbox!


The latest cd from Ghost Rockers guarantees hours of singing and dancing pleasure. On this cd you will find 15 penalty hits and 5 karaokenummers. Did you know that the songs on the cd have been chosen by fans of the series?

Tracklist: 1. Ghost Rockers 2. The Beat 3. Help me 4. Without a trace 5. You are my strawberry 6. Billy 7. Life and death 8. Come as the night falls 9. Fall and rise again 10. Follow your feelings 11. Belle 12. Graffiti 13. 18 for always 14. For always? 15. Everything is silent

We give three Ghost Rockers-cd’s away!!!

Would you like more chances to win? Then we have a little secret for you. Apply here for a visit and take your chance on the Studio 100 TV website itself.

Studio 100 TV is part of the basic services of Proximus TV and in Flanders to view on channel 9 and in Brussels on channel 58.

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