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Vietnam: Mining-CEO with 35 million US dollars out of the dust

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In Vietnam, the business with the crypto-Mining is like, apparently. The CEO of Sky Mining, Le Minh Tam, with deposits of around 35 million US-Dollar discontinued and is no longer found since then. The investors and employees of Sky Mining feel from your superior left in the lurch.

Since the beginning of last week, Le Minh Tam, it was not to be reached by the members of his team. The CEO of Sky Mining, an in-Ho-Chi-Minh-City (Saigon) Mining company, has remained until today disappeared. Next to him, the authorities are looking for around 600-Mining equipment and US $ 35 million investment capital.

Now the suspicion is that the CEO needs the confidence of investors and employees in a shameful way, and with the Hardware and the money has been deposited. The office of Sky Mining in the last week, remained closed. Also, the Mining Farm, which was located just outside of the city, had been cleared out.

The Team left in the lurch

Back a Team that is now in the difficult Situation to handle. It is not just that a majority of employees, to stand there with empty hands, but also to appease the deceived investors. A group of 20 investors, has filed a complaint against Sky Mining, and accuses the entire company, to have a Scam dangers.

Le Minh Hieu, Deputy Chairman of Sky Mining, rejects these criticism. As he said to the local news site VN Express, also see it as a sacrifice, Le Minh Tams. So his family and the families of many employees of the were investors brought been threatened. He had formed a temporary working group that was busy with the processing of the case. This includes the Support of investors or the calculation of the remaining assets of the company.

Sky Mining: 300% rate of return promised

The company Sky Mining is a classic Cloud Mining provider, which had promised its investors a fixed return for your investment capital. A total of 26 locations was gemint on behalf of the investors. The investors putting in between 100 and 5,000 US dollars, expected after 12 months, a return of 300 per cent – so the promise.

In the past month, the Import of Mining in Vietnam, however, Hardware forced by the government to be suspended. Officially, the high burden of Vietnam has been given of the electricity network as a justification. After the record-the Import of Mining Hardware over the last half-year, the government feared, however, probably that in the country actually banned crypto-currencies as a payment medium could establish.

Under these circumstances, the business model could not work more, and the promise made to the investors are not held. Rather than face up to the responsibility, CEO Le Minh Tam, however, apparently to distinguish themselves and to leave the humans entrusted to him.

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