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Van Avermaet in a sprint with three faster than Lampaert and Colbrelli in Natourcriterium Sint-Niklaas

Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) on Wednesday the natourcriterium of Sint-Niklaas won. The olympic champion stopped in a sprint with three Belgian champion Yves Lampaert and the Italian Sonny Colbrelli. Jasper De Buyst was fourth, for Edward Theuns. The prize list follows Of the Team itself.

A dernywedstrijd had in the late afternoon for a first warm-up take care on the biggest market of our country. The victory went to Theuns, Jasper De Buyst and Gijs Van Hoecke. This was followed by a time trial, won by Alex Colman, Stijn De Bock and Lampaert.

The audience was really into the Huge Market down to the actual criterion. The riders were to the fans presented in a cabrioparade and it was Van Avermaet, of course, have the most success. The initial phase of the criterion was what locked up “De Parelvissers” the debates have opened. Greg Van Avermaet, Oliver Naesen, Gijs Van Hoecke, Kristof De Backer and Matthias Ongena reason for a while for the peloton. On the fifteenth round of the end made Colbrelli for the regrouping. Theuns and Dimitri Claeys joined their forces, and they were on six laps from the end to strengthen Lampaert, Mathias Ongena, Colbrelli, Tim Declercq, Naesen and Van Avermaet. With two laps to go, was Van Avermaet in the attack. Only Lampaert and Colbrelli could the failure to answer. In the subsequent sprint was Of the Team the strongest.

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