Trump asks to end investigation of Russian interference in the elections: “stop the witch hunt’

The American president Donald Trump has Wednesday – via Twitter – with his minister of Justice Jeff Sessions called for an end to the investigation of the Russian interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

In a tweet asks Trump to minister Sessions to the ‘witch hunt’ immediately to stop. Trump calls it a set up game that the country ‘stains’. The American president states that the research is undermined by the conflicts of interest of special prosecutor Robert Mueller and manipulated by his political rivals, the Democrats.

Mueller conducts research into a possible conspiracy between Moscow and the campaign team of Trump, which is ultimately the elections of 2016 won. In the course of which all four members of his former team, was prosecuted for offences for which, however, do not directly have to do with any conspiracy. So started Tuesday in a suburb of Washington, the trial against former campaign manager Paul Manafort. He should be responsible for bankfraude and tax fraud. Manafort holds at all points full of innocence.

Trump fumes on Twitter regularly against the research Mueller. The special prosecutor grabs the tweets again to illustrate that the president of the judicial process are trying to hinder.

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