Terrorist cell in Barcelona wanted to attack at Camp Nou commit

5d6fc2c2febf6661be7f6b1dd9ba1c45 - Terrorist cell in Barcelona wanted to attack at Camp Nou commit

The attack of the previous summer in Barcelona had a still bloodier can expire if the terrorists by an explosion during the preparations not were forced to their plans. The terrorist cell had originally Camp Nou, the football stadium of FC Barcelona, on the eye, report Spanish media.

On the mobile phone of one of the suspects, the police discovered, among other photos of Camp Nou and the surrounding area. Also, it was discovered that the man in the weeks before dozens of internet searches carried out in order to get to know more about the access and security arrangements in the stadium.

Evidence that the suspected mastermind behind the attacks, imam Abdelbaki Es Sattydie from the town of Ripoll, making preparations to the attack to claim 20 August, investigators suspect that the attack that day would take place. That day was the contest for the Spanish super cup against Betis Sevilla on the program.

Also the famous Sagrada Familia and a number of nightclubs in the visor.

Before, it was already suspected that the terrorists had their plans completely had over by a blast in a safe house in Alcanar. The terrorist cell, among other 120 gas and 500 liters of acetone and stored. When the explosion came also the imam to life. Then they decided with a van to drive through the crowds on the Ramblas in Barcelona. Sixteen people survived that attack on 17 August. Messi and co played the next Sunday against Betis with custom shirts, in commemoration of the victims.

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