Terrible: woman finds blood-covered meisjesondergoed along A28

d1ec04f298d96a8acbbdfbd0f184ad8d - Terrible: woman finds blood-covered meisjesondergoed along A28

Hattemerbroek – Disturbed them. Karin van Weeghel found last weekend in a blood-stained set of Barbie meisjesondergoed along the A28 at the viaduct Middeldijk. The police is not a crime, but the mother is already a few days with great worry in her stomach. Her call to the parents that the set of recognize, will Facebook about.

It is a set of blue with pink underwear and socks, ‘stashed away’ along the embankment, with “a lot of bloodstains in the onderbroekje.” She found the clothes when she is with her children from an overpass, looked at the trucks that came back from Truckstars. Because they got a phone call, she walked out of the crowds and when they have stood to call, fell her eye on the stained clothes in size 110/116.

They think that the set is worn by a girl of five or so years.

“I’ve been picked up by the police, they have the bushes have searched but nothing is found.” Karin let people know that the police is not a crime suspects, but is interested in additional information. Until that time, used Karin social media in the hope someone can warn, if something is unpleasant with a child have happened. Because a lot of people the message is copied and on their own page, have shared on Facebook some confusion about who the original text was written.

’No innocent stains!’

“Mama, please! Is your little girl today a ride being with anyone else, and came back with an excuse about missing underwear. Saw those all over!”, she writes. “These were no spots that you might incur if you piepie on the climbing frame. Behave your child is different? Check it tomorrow on injuries on that place! The spots were red, so it indicates that there recently dumped. Back and belly of the dress were also moddervlekken on.”

Photos of the bloodied bathroom set they prefer not to be on Facebook. However, let them know that it’s probably not so long, because the blood is still very red.

’Hope on the other statement”

Karin hopes that there “is a different statement than what I suspected”, she tells RTV Oost. One of the least violent photos, she wants to eventually share.

She describes the dress as follows: “Dress white with pink trim, pink big letters the word ’Barbie’ on it with all hearts beneath it. Shorts are also white with pink piping. Bathroom seemed fairly new – it was not washed in any case. Socks dark blue with pink heel, toe and anti-slipped in the world. It had lots of pink sailboats on it, composed of thin lines, more silhouetjes so.’

’No fluff’

“This is not right”, shudders Karin. She hopes that parents who have the clothing identify additional behind-the-ears scratch. “Think whether there is something strange happened this weekend. Be keen on deviant behavior of your daughter, check on injuries. Make sure that they not with such a secret, however, left touch,” she says to RTV Oost. “I want to prevent this silent grief. A little girl, that does not protect, something terrible has happened and that her life continues to bear.”

The police Elburg-Oldebroek confirms the finding of the kinderondergoed with traces of blood. “We see that there are many on the message is responded to. Some people thought that it was a hoax (nepbericht, ed.) was, but that is not so. The detector has well reported with the underwear and we have, of course, that directly examined; we have also in the area searched. At the moment we have no indications that there is a criminal offence.”

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