‘Temptation-Tim” had a very piquant proposal

defe879c358b0c1a072cfb30851a6600 - 'Temptation-Tim" had a very piquant proposal

As we this year for a new word are allowed to vote, it is “Timtation’. No one who is so often on the tongues went as Tim Wauters. The chance that we are the self-proclaimed playboy of Aalst ever see on tv is small, albeit not in an erotic producer Elise Flanders.

‘Temptation Island’ had the relatietest must be for Tim Wauters and his girlfriend, Deborah, Leemans. It was for Deborah, painful enough completely different. Tim was madly in love with the Dutch temptress Cherish and that meant all at once, the end of their relationship. Pornoregisseuse Elise of Flanders saw the ideal ingredients for a steamy film, and sent the Don Juan from Aalst immediately a request for a roll. “Elise contacted me for a role in a porn movie, but I thank you kindly,” said Tim. Wauters was apparently well in the erotic market, because he was also asked for ‘Sex Tape’, the new erotic FIVE-program of Goedele Liekens which couples a week-long their bedgeheimen parts. Also that he refused, in his own words because he was again single.

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