Telenet customers can soon be speaking to zap

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Telenet will continue this year, his long-awaited new decoder for digital television testing at 20.000 customers. That, Telenet ceo John Porter today said. It is notable that customers, the new decoder will be able to control against the remote control to talk.

Telenet promises a new decoder to its customers. The current generation of aircraft is no longer suitable for certain new technologies. There can be no external streaming services such as Netflix. That can competitor Proximus.

Many wild Porter is still not lost on the novelties on the unit, but he confirmed that broadcasts in the high 4K-resolution may be, that Netflix it will be used and that there is voice control on.

How that last one works? “Just talking to the remote control: ‘I love to Play Sports, change the channel”, gave the CEO an example.

A long time could be voice-controlled artificial intelligence are not familiar with the Dutch language, but this is gradually changing. So Googles assistant recently launched in the Netherlands.

When Telenet decoder to all customers will begin to roll out, it is not yet known. Telenet selects the test customers on the basis of various technical criteria and products. In the first phase of the test customers regular feedback is expected.

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