Tangle of FC The Champions on tv

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The Mediahuiskranten focus on the uitzendvolgorde of FC De Kampioenen, for there was the past few weeks something weird to the hand. A few weeks ago there were some retransmissions from season 11 to see, followed by a couple of episodes from series 12 and 13. Afterwards, the VRT suddenly continue with a part set of 17 and the past few days were suddenly episodes from the last series of 21. But those who thought that there is such an end of the tijdsprongen, will be disappointed: since Tuesday the sixteenth season, and that it will be chronological broadcast. “During the Tour of France, we sent every evening ‘Vive Le Vélo’ with Karl Vannieuwkerke,” says One spokeswoman Lesley Hernalsteen. “That was a live broadcast, so we had to each time at the correct hour can start. And since the episodes of “F. C. The Champions’ often differ in terms of playtime (some episodes take up to a half an hour, the other almost three quarters of an hour, ed.), we chose episodes of the same duration. To that puzzle to explain, we had so poking around in different seasons.” Now the Tour is over, and the team of Vannieuwkerke just disappears from the screen, is the duration of ‘F. C. De Kampioenen’ do not count.

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