Spain gets EU support for the reception of migrants

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BRUSSELS – Spain may incur additional financial support expected from the European Commission to the growing migration challenges. The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez had to 30 million euro is required. A commissiewoordvoerster could Wednesday night to call, but gave the matter a high priority.

Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker has to Quickly let you know that Spain and Morocco have the full support of the commission in finding an answer to the higher numbers of migrants through the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. Recently it turned out that along that route are now more people entering Europe through Italy and Greece. EU commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos (Migration) brings these days a visit to Spain.

The European Commission granted Greece Wednesday to 37.5 million euros extra emergency aid to the conditions for migrants to improve. The money is intended for, among others, food, health care, interpreters and additional reception facilities on the Greek mainland.

Athens has since 2015 already 1.6 billion euro received support from Brussels for migratiegerelateerde affairs.

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