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South Korean stock exchange claimed the Russian ship wreck “Treasure”

b6541ed5e9a5aedf34e38a76a1ea69a5 - South Korean stock exchange claimed the Russian ship wreck "Treasure"

A South Korean company, Shinil, claims to have a wreck of a Russian ship with Gold to the value of $ 130 billion on Board. The Treasury wants the company, allegedly, to all who register at the stock exchange.

As soon as news broke out about the gold coins, began in the South Korea to investigate a niche of the financial Supervisory authority (FSS), whether the claims of the company were part of a price manipulation or any other illegal trade, as stated in the publications.

According to the last report, the Shinil group said it will use the gold coins, which were found after her rescue on Board for a new crypto currency that will bring you as Shinil-Goldcoin on the market. According to the stock exchange plan of the Coin and the Wallet were already developed.

From September 2018, the Token is to be listed on 10 exchanges, including the Donskoi International Exchange of Shinil-group and other Overseas stock exchanges.

A phone number on the website of the crypto-currency led to last week to the company.

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