So planned terrorist cell Barcelona attack at the Nou Camp

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Barcelona – A nightmare scenario for the largest terreuraanslagenreeks in Europe: The Catalan and Spanish police get an ever better picture of what the horrible scheme of the terrorist cell from the picturesque Catalan village of Ripoll, which is responsible for the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils almost a year ago. Also, the Nou Camp, the iconic stadium of FC Barcelona, a planned target.

The van that on 17 August, 2017 on the crowd in Barcelona in reed.

Already it was known that the attacks in Barcelona (17 August) and Cambrils (August 18), actually a kind of ’wanhoopsaanslagen ” – an improvised ’plan B’ once in a house in Alcanar, on the Catalan coast, an explosive of the terrorist cell prematurely exploded. It came to two members of the twelve piece cell to life.

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Already a few weeks after the attack came the researchers, by the testimony of a survivor of the explosion in Alcanar to know that the terrorists are actually the Sagrada Familia had intended to bomb. Also on the eiffel tower, they wanted to attack, with a bombus. And recently, the researchers are clear that it was true what was already suspected – and feared – was: also Camp Nou, the Catalan fans as beloved stadium in Barcelona was on the list for an attack. The usually well established Catalan newspaper El Periodico reports that there is even a date planned for the attack on players and fans: August 20, 2017 – the day that FC Barcelona against Real Betis played.

Research searches Hichamy

The researchers came to that conclusion after they have the mobile phone of Mohammed Hichamy investigated, one of the members of the jihadist cell. They found on his phone many searches on Google to Camp Nou in the week before the attacks. He was looking for schedules, times of access, access roads, etc. Also, there are on the phone, maps, and images of the stadium found. Because the researchers also behind the planned date for the attacks came (20 August), they come to the conclusion that the match against Real Betis, the decor had to be for the attack: the first race of the season 2017-2018.

Sources close to the investigation told El periódico headline: “It is quite possible that they are the same attack wanted to commit if the planned attack in the Saint Denis stadium during a match of the French national team.” The researchers do not know whether the terrorists explosievenvesten or a bomber wanted to use. A saleswoman of an official Barça shop told El periódico headline that at least two members of the twelve piece cell a few days before the attacks FC Barcelona-fankleding when bought her. That would be the presumption can confirm that she’s dressed as a fan in the stadium wanted to go – with explosives under their clothing, according to the newspaper.

Attack Razzmataz on stack

Next to Camp Nou suspect the researchers that there is also a stop on deck stood in a nightclub: the popular Razzmataz in Barcelona (similar to the pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam) or one of the homodiscotheken in Sitges. It would be a similar attack as in Bataclan.

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