Secret bermuda triangle solved

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London – The mystery as to why in the bermuda triangle many ships perish, is possible to solved.

The bermuda triangle, where hundreds of sailors have mysteriously disappeared. Scientists think the cause for the attempt to have.

The mysterious triangle between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico demanded the last hundred years or a thousand lives. Last year four. These people lack any trace.

According to British scientists, this area has an unbelievable number of wild waves. Fluctuations in 1997 for the first time recorded on the radar.

The are sometimes very high waves up to thirty feet high which is just a few minutes.

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Dr. Simon Boxall of the university of Southampton built a scale model of the USS Cyclops, a huge ship that in 1918 that was swallowed by the sea, and three hundred lives.

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For a new documentary by the British Channel 5: ‘The Bermuda Triangle Enigma, simulated the scientists the effect of the ‘monster waves’ on the Cyclops.

It turned out that the waves were just too high for the ship to handle.

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According to Boxall, is the bermuda triangle a place where storms from three directions, can come together. “Coming out of the south and north meet. And if there is still what to recover, from Florida, can be a potentially deadly formation of wild waves. They are steep and very high up to more than 30 metres.”

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“The bigger the boat is, the more damage. Picture a wave with two peaks, each at one end of a boat. At that time there is nothing more under the center of the ship and breaks in two. If that happens, you go in two, three minutes to the basement.”

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