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Raising Malawi – Ripple, Ashton Kutcher, Madonna and XRP for orphans

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Together with Madonna’s Raising Malawi organization, Ripple wants to collect money for orphans. Among the investors Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.

Ripple is not only good, but also for good purposes. After you have donated recently, together with Ashton Kutcher $ 4 million in XRP for Gorillas, it starts to Ripple together with Raising Malawi, a rescue operation in Malawi.

And that is sorely needed In Malawi’s one Million orphans, according to estimates, about children who had lost their parents to HIV. These children lack both in education, but also to medical care. Here, the Non-Profit organization, Raising Malawi has, since 2006, for improvement. So they built the first surgical clinic and intensive care unit for children.

Like the company on the 30. July on their website announced, the company collaborates with a Non-Profit organization. In their month-long campaign, Ripple wants to collect so together with Raising Malawi to donate to help orphans and vulnerable minors in the South-Eastern Malawi-year-old.

“We feel honored to be a part of the wonderful work of Raising Malawi. We would like to thank our investors with a Sound venture who introduced us in the project, to help children.“ Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Business Operations at Ripple

Among the investors addressed by Sound Ventures, Ashton Kutcher, in may, together with Ripple XRP to Ellen DeGeneres Foundation, Wildlife Fund, in turn, the millions donated to save Gorillas.

Ripples of commitment increases XRP, course drops

According to the official announcement that Ripple is planning, in collaboration with the Malawi Foundation, a program for financial inclusion to build. In addition, the company wants to strengthen the education sector. So you want to rely mainly on the promotion of teachers, and also for an expanded literacy.

Raising Malawi was founded by Madonna. According to your Video, US $ 25 is enough to provide a Malawian child for a month of medical supplies and food.

The Ripple rate is currently at 0.43 US-Dollar. Thus, the XRP-Token is subject to a weekly loss of nearly five per cent and a monthly loss of nearly 6.5 percent.

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