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Pro League responds to SP.A-bill: “All sports enjoy tax benefits”

18a12101811487c33b03d4094a651f86 - Pro League responds to SP.A-bill: “All sports enjoy tax benefits”

The Pro League has Wednesday in a letter responded to the bill from the SP.A that the abolition of the current tax and social security status for professional clubs aims. Chairman Marc Coucke and CEO Pierre François regret “that the complex file as populist approach”.

“The Pro League is anything but ‘FC the Tax Champions “and in no way knocks the assertion:” We pay the wages of Teodorczyk’.

Coucke and François point out that all disciplines enjoy tax benefits. “An abolition of the current scheme would not only improve the competitiveness of clubs from the Pro League hitting. The abolition of this scheme would also have adverse consequences for the entire top sport in Belgium, in all disciplines.”

Moreover, the Pro League and comparison with foreign countries is not relevant. Because there, it sounds, gunstmaatregelen for sports. “To still not to talk about the huge amounts on TV-apply, that our clubs are already under heavy pressure put on the international stage.”

The Pro League refers to the chalk line for the current tax regime. So had the sportfiscaliteit redrawn, because Belgian players too quickly to the overseas regions. In the neighbouring countries, they could, after all, a more favourable tax regime enjoy. Also the short career of a football player, bore the authors of the bill worry. They had to have sufficient resources for the transition to a new profession. Finally experienced many clubs in financial difficulties for youth programs and infrastructure.

Coucke and François argue that the tax benefits for sports clubs do indeed flow back to society. “Although the current regime by some to be controversial, you cannot deny that professional clubs their responsibility names. Never were the investment for the training and supervision of juniors higher than today. These investments meet the demand and expectations of the then political world,” says the Pro League, that the creation of jeugdacademies, the building of infrastructure for youth, the employment contracts for certified jeugdcoaches, the contracts of employment as a paid athlete for young, talented actors and the accompaniment of school-age youth will enumerate as indirect consequences of the current tax regime.

In 2017 promoted the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA the youth of the clubs with the quality label category 1. “Only six other countries in the world with their youth programs to this category”, congratulates the Pro League itself. In addition, stress Coucke and François that the current social and tax regime, have contributed to the Belgian clubs to place nine rose on the UEFA-ranking.

“Both politicians and journalists, which last month enjoyed the exceptional course of our Red Devils, we would like an overview of some of the Red Devils that our clubs were formed, thanks to the investments of these clubs in their youth: Kompany, Dedoncker, Januzaj, Tielemans and Lukaku (RSC Anderlecht), Batshuayi, Fellaini, Witsel and Chadli (Standard), Courtois, de Bruyne and Carrasco (KRC Genk), Meunier (Club Brugge), Mignolet (STVV), and so on. To us together to decide whether Belgium also in the future the world can be seen as a small country with great sports performance,” said the Pro League.

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