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Press Stoffel Vandoorne takes: “Are racezitje for discussion”

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McLaren racing CEO Zak Brown told to ‘Sky’ that he doubts between Carlos Sainz and Stoffel Vandoorne for a seat in 2019 for his team. The American did not even know that there are still other options to be considered. Thus, it confirms Brown that the racezitje of our fellow countryman discussion.

The renstal from Woking to wait with a decision on the line up for 2019 to Fernando Alonso his plans for the future made known. They want to a wait-and-see attitude until there is some movement in the rijdersmarkt.

Neither Alonso, nor Vandoorne are certain of a seat at McLaren in 2019, and it is a public secret that the pressure on our countryman ever-increasing.

“We have with both Alonso as Vandoorne a long-term contract, but contracts are different elements,” says Brown. “We will have our rijderskeuze disclose when we are ready, to all the expectation will be that sometime after the summer break.”

The name that most clearly comes to the fore as a replacement of Vandoorne is that of Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard, who is still a member of the Red Bull family, riding this time on uitleenbasis at Renault and there is expected to Esteban Ocon next year to get started. The chance that Sainz next year at Red Bull can get to work is practically nil, and Brown admits that he is high on his shortlist.

“Carlos is a great racepiloot,” says Brown. “Of course, he is potentially on the market, but I know his exact situation at Renault and Red Bull. He is definitely someone you want in your car to convert, as he was free, and we had a seat free then he is definitely high on our wish-list.”

Another option is to McLaren-junior, Lando Norris, who currently scores highly in the Formula 2. They want to be in Woking all the potential to do to the young Brit on board. At the same time, realizes Brown is also the danger of a young rider for the lions to throw in a team that is obviously by a vormcrisis.

“We wait and see what Fernando is planning because it is about the big picture, experience coupled with young talent. Certainly in the situation in which we find ourselves today, we are in full construction. You don’t want to two young riders, in a difficult car. If we have a better car would have can reduce your risk of ever taking to two young riders.”

It is expected that during the summer break, a breakthrough will be on the transfer list. McLaren has already begun with different riders wrists and hopes for the yearlings.

“In this situation, you should try every possibility to keep it open and wait until the domino’s start to fall,” Brown continues. “Everything you need to keep an eye on. We make the one not more important than the other. We know our situation with Stoffel and we will see what possibilities there still are.”

“The reality is that we have two seats available and it is our job to make that as good as possible to fill. In order to succeed, you need different riders talking,” concludes Brown.

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