Police sounds the alarm to help find missing Emily (13) and Kirsten (14)

c03ee69bdb2f0b370fb4024166b9fa1b - Police sounds the alarm to help find missing Emily (13) and Kirsten (14)

LEEUWARDEN – The police are very worried about the two since Friday, missing girls, Emily (13) and Kirsten (14). They walked that day away from a healthcare facility in Leeuwarden, the netherlands, without money, belongings, and probably also without a phone. Since then, there is none of the girls they noticed.

Kirsten (left) and Emily.

Via a call on Facebook try the police information about the two to get. The police talks about a “very worrisome” thing. The father of Kirsten to ask her opsporingsbericht to continue to spread, and thanks for the support.

The police stressed that it is a crime to minors shelter to offer, and so she to the parental authority to withdraw. “The chance exists that the vulnerable girls stay with people who don’t have good intentions,” said a police spokesman. That they are in the hands of loverboys is not excluded. “But we have no evidence that this is the case.”


One of the girls already ran away from the institution. Last year she was also already missing. At the time, was an 18-year-old man arrested in connection with her disappearance. “They’re not for anything in that setting. It’s very vulnerable and very young girls, who without money all day without a trace,” says the spokesman.

The family of the two girls is seriously concerned. “Our daughters are unfortunately not found, please look at them! We are so very worried…”, wrote the father of Kirsten the day before yesterday all on social media. “Girls, where are you? Give me a call. Big kiss, daddy.”

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