Plane crash in Mexico

ca97d2d86f806d4f89e877386dece98d - Plane crash in Mexico

In Durango, a city in the northwest of Mexico, is Tuesday night a plane of Aermexico crashed. According to Mexican media, there were no deaths.

It comes to flight AM2431 of Aeromexico, the largest airline of Mexico. The aircraft, an Embraer 190, was on the way from Durango to Mexico City and had, according to Mexican media make an emergency landing at the airport. According to the Mexican minister of Transport, there would be 97 passengers and 4 crew members.

About the number of victims, there is no clarity. The governor of the state of Durango, says that there are no dead cases. ‘Officially there are no figures on injuries or deaths. The details of the relief effort will be announced soon’, says governor José Aispuro on Twitter.

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