New ebola epidemic in Congo, already ten dead

3afebe29838f8c5bbc09f5864722f6e7 - New ebola epidemic in Congo, already ten dead

In Congo, it is Wednesday again an ebola epidemic was declared, this time in the northeastern province of North Kivu.

In and around the town of Beni, some fifty kilometers from the border with Uganda, according to the governor of North-Kivu since the beginning of July a dozen deaths. The Congolese ministry of public Health confirms that the virus in that region again has broken out.

In a health centre near the town of Beni are already 26 people collected that symptoms of ebola. There are, meanwhile, twenty died. Of the six all samples tested, four are positive on ebola.

Just a week ago, the authorities at the end of a ebola epidemic, that in the equatorial province raged. By that epidemic fell since may 8, 33 kill.

Monday was already announced that at least twelve people were died of a disease of which it is suspected that the ebola was. The sick were, after all, symptoms of ebola did think about, such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting and nosebleeds.

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