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Monopolies crush: Bitcoin co-founder is back

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Martti Malmi is to Satoshi Nakomoto as the first programmer who has been actively involved in the development of the Bitcoin network. In collaboration with a team of developers Malmi with “AXE wants to bring” a own crypto-currency on the market.

If Satoshi Nakamoto is the father of Bitcoin is, then it was Martti “Sirius” Malmi its foster-mother: Already in the year 2009 he joined Nakamoto on the Bitcoin Code to evolve and contributed, among other things, a significant contribution to the second Version. The collaboration with Satoshi Nakomoto was so tight that Malmi had, in the meantime, even the administrator rights for . After Malmi had pulled Nakamoto following the model presented by Bitcoin back to said other Blockchain projects. In 2014, Sirius” Identifi-founded “, a mix of the address book application, and a reputation system that stores its data locally.

Monopolies crush

As it is not to be expected of a Bitcoin pioneer, otherwise, Malmi driven by the idea of a decentralised Internet. In the development of identifying him was:

“Most of the huge Online companies such as Google, Facebook, eBay or Airbnb are in essence nothing more than centralized indexes – searchable lists of things. If we want to smash, we need a decentralised record-keeping.“

The creation of such distributed indexes, and the fight against monopolies in the Web one step closer, Malmi with the GUN project. Also in the year 2014 founded Start-up focusing on a fully decentralised systems for storing and synchronizing data. For the purposes of cooperation Malmi and the GUN have established development team for a new company. This bears the name of the ERA and has made the battle against centralist structures and for net neutrality to the Flag. In an Interview, Mark Nadal, boss of the ERA and GUN in a personal Union, said:

“Martti and I talked about the fact that the governments can set the IP addresses of the miners still on a black list. Telecommunication companies, Google, Amazon, or other can curb our traffic without network neutrality, or redirect.“

Blockchain is overrated

Malmi is a big decentralization advocates, sees the continued Hype surrounding the Blockchain technology, however, is also critical. Many in this context, the proposed projects were also without a Blockchain to implement:

“The Blockchain technology is overrated, and for applications to be propagated where it is not beneficial. If you don’t need a distributed Ledger without trust people, you need no Blockchain.“

Nevertheless, the decentralisation of digital identity for Malmi is one of the most important areas, which can dedicate a programmer:

“I believe that the decentralisation of digital identity and other fundamental infrastructures of our society the most useful things are, where a developer today can work.”

The question of digital identity has also been busy BTC-ECHO-editor Phillip Horch heavy and prompts him with her in a six-part series of articles.

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