Miracle in Mexico: plane carrying 100 people crashes, and everyone survives it

MEXICO-CITY – UPDATE – In Mexico is a jet airliner with 97 passengers and four crew members on board crashed. The device has crashed in the northern state of Durango. That’s what happened, according to the governor shortly after takeoff from the airport Guadalupe Victoria International Airport. He let us know that eighty people were injured. There are no deaths.

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About 85 people were injured, of whom 37 to the hospital, notify the Mexican authorities. Two of them are serious. Most people couldn to leave the plane, partly flame caught by the crash.

The Mexican airline Aeroméxico confirms on Twitter that one of its devices. It is a plane of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. The aircraft was on the way to Mexico City. Shortly after takeoff, crashed it down.

The cause of the accident is still unclear. Due to the weather the pilot may start at the last moment to break down. It had, according to the governor rained and there was a storm coming.

Television images show an airplane in a field. Black clouds of smoke rise from the unit.

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