Migrants Sarost 5 to land in Tunisia

c447c817e888ad81bce445d4e5277609 - Migrants Sarost 5 to land in Tunisia

TUNIS – A group of forty migrants, after weeks at sea on land in Tunisia. The crew of the commercial vessel Sarost 5 is transferred to a centre of the Tunisian Red Crescent. Three persons, including two highly pregnant women, have been transferred to the hospital.

The crew of Sarost 5 had the group of migrants last month to Libya of a boat are achieved. Several countries refused then the group. The Tunisian government eventually gave in out of humanitarian considerations, still the green light to the boat to moor.

The rescued migrants, believed initially that they would be able to in European countries, said Mongi Slim of the Red half-moon at press agency DPA. “We have them made clear that the doors to Europe are closed, and that Tunisia is their only option.”

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