McDonald’s serves a drink with a detergent

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Lethbridge – A pregnant woman was Sunday, the detergent is served in a latte macchiato at a McDonald’s branch in Canada. The company is now publicly by the substance, and explain honestly what the problem is.

Archive photo of a McDonalds, for illustration.

When she had her first drink, knew Sarah Douglas that it was wrong. “I spat it out and rinsed my mouth with water”, said Douglas, that the drink was served in the city of Lethbridge. “When I opened the lid. There was a pungent smell from huge chemical. Definitely not a latte…”

What was the result? An employee had the detergent with which the coffee machine is cleaned, even with the tubes attached. When the coffee was prepared, it was not milk, but ’Franke Cleaning Solution, ” writes CBC News.


The woman switched on the emergency services. Specialists told her that they are lucky enough to have had, because they are the liquid is not swallowed, but only in her mouth.

McDonald’s had the contents of the cleaning agent of the medici passed, with, among others, phosphoric acid, methyl-trimethyl-3 and 2-butoxyethanol. On the packaging state that when the drug comes into contact with the skin or eyes, which minutes must be washed with plenty of water’.


Meanwhile, the manager of the Canadian McDonald’s branch apologized. “McDonald’s is known for its food, and I’m sorry that something like that happened here,” said Dan Brown. “What happened: the coffee maker was cleaned as every morning, but the tube of the milk was connected to the detergent while the drink was made.”

According to McDonald’s, the schoonmaakprocedures again reviewed with employees, but Sarah Douglas is still be delivered to prospective customers. “As a mother, I want my say, and I want to be heard when it comes to safety of visitors.”

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