Manhunt on dealers after death Dutchman

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Mallorca – The Spanish police is busy with large operations against drug dealers on the island, where recently the Dutch editor Wouter van Luijn was murdered.

The dark area on Mallorca, where Wouter van Luijn by drug dealers was murdered.

The heavily armed Guardia Civil yanked out in Sencelles and several neighborhoods of the capital, Palma. In total, twenty kilos of cocaine were seized.

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According to the Majorca Daily is the Spanish police for months, doing a great research. A few days ago, there were three smugglers were arrested.

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The centre of the drug trade is, according to the police around the district of Son Banya, the same neighborhood where Wouter van Luijn was killed.

The municipality has already demolished in that neighborhood, and residents to other parts of the island moved. There are now additional intensively followed, according to the newspaper, Mallorca.

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The 19-year-old Spaniard Adrián F. is still stuck on suspicion of robbery and assault of van Luijn. He is the prime suspect and has declared that he is the editor of blows has given, because that on the street would have urinated.

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