Kris Peeters shows no hesitation in “Blind married”

82be308e72913f10f85babc0f401651c - Kris Peeters shows no hesitation in "Blind married"

The VTM-programme “Blind married” violates the law on the bureaux. That decision, Economy minister Kris Peeters after researching this program and the RTL program Mariés au premier regard. “The participants pay no fee, and so the program can not be considered as a huwelijksbureau”, says Peeters. “Moreover, it is not the intention of that law to such tv programs to regulate. It seemed evident that a program such as Blind Married under that legislation, but because the question has been asked, I investigate. The conclusion is very clear that this kind of television programs no marriage agencies.”

At the end of last year, the College of procurators-general suggested that these programs the legislation violated. Peeters gave his services commissioned to investigate the case. The opinion of the board came after several parliamentary questions to minister of Justice Koen Geens. That college decided that the legal validity of the marriage between two strangers is not insured, already added it there, that it was no priority to act against the program.

The College is also of the opinion that it had to be examined whether the two tv stations as a huwelijksbureau drafting, and compliance. That is the power of Peeters. Before of bureaux exists, it must satisfy three conditions to be met: a meeting arranged between two people who encounter leads to a marriage or committed relationship, and that happens at a fee.

As regards that latter condition, notice the FPS Economy that the question is whether the transfer of the image right through the supply agreement, all can be considered as remuneration within the meaning of the law. The FPS Economy decision that the legislator here, “the payment of a sum of money for eyes has had”, but that “the transfer of the image right, no such payment represents”. The authority decides that the television programmes not subject to the application of the law on the bureaux fall. The FPS also notes also that “it is never the intention of the legislature to such reality tv programs to regulate”.

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