Kobe Ilsen: “For BV-version of ‘Blind Married” may she call me”

bcbb87557f4acc219ec7f4bb9a47ff5f - Kobe Ilsen: "For BV-version of 'Blind Married" may she call me"

Kobe Ilsen looks sure to sit through Blind Married a BV-love to find. The presenter will find it a fascinating thought to be liefdesgeluk to science. That tells the presenter in an interview with Story.

Kobe Ilsen doesn’t feel too good for the regular version of ‘Blind Married, but he allowed the VRT not to participate. “If there was ever a BV version, then they should call me,” says Ilsen. “On the basis of the science be linked: that seems to me interesting.”

According to the rumor mill, would the presenter be in a relationship with Viktor Verhulst, the son of Gert Verhulst. But Marthe De Pillecyn – Viktors sweet and the ‘black’ of K3 – no need to worry. “I save Viktor sometimes likes to poo, but I’m not gay. I am a very physical man,” explains Ilsen in the Story.

“I hug and kiss like, and walk with my best friends hand in hand on the street. So I understand those assumptions. In the past, when I was younger, I experimented. You can’t know if you have chicory lust if you have never eaten? But it tasted quite bitter. So for once and for always: I fall on women.”

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