Katy Perry surprised a sick fan with visit

922d30079d49db7239c7dcd6a7bc8408 - Katy Perry surprised a sick fan with visit

The singer was approached by the sister of the sick girl. They were planning to attend the concert, but after the diagnosis of the girl seemed to be not possible anymore.

Katy Perry has an eight-year-old girl the day of her life worried. The singer surprised Grace Moores, who recently an operation has had to undergo because of a brain tumor.

The meeting between the two was thought up by Grace’s sister Tiana. That tweette that Grace is very much was delighted at the concert of her great heroine in Adelaide, but after her diagnosis in april, she could much to the chagrin not come. She called through the hashtag #HelpGraceMeetKatyPerry her followers to help her get a meeting to arrange. The message was more than 20,000 times from the and also reached Katy. Who decided to prior to her concert Tuesday night a visit to her fan. In the living room she sang specially for the girl a number of songs from her show.

Katy shared on Instagram a video of their encounter. Also she called the girl a signed shirt of her idol wore, containing her “new merchandisemodel”.

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