Judge blocks release blueprints 3D weapons

b702308382d38cb2a52ff32b5b821634 - Judge blocks release blueprints 3D weapons

A U.s. judge has forbidden to blueprints online that a plastic gun can be printed.

The wapenlobbygroep Defense Distributed had in June an agreement with the government-Trump to the instructions for the printing of the weapons legal to publish. But eight states and the district of Columbia to fight that decision.

The blueprints would normally be a Wednesday to be made public, but the judge ruled that the wapenprints irreparable damage can lead.

It is, however, a temporary ban. The next hearing takes place on 10 August.

Some wapenrechtengroepen say that the technology is expensive is that the weapons are unreliable and that the threat is exaggerated. Opponents argue that criminals as easier weapons to get, and the 3D weapons are a threat to public safety.

The American president Donald Trump looks at the case. It seems to him wise not to have the blueprints to make it public.

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