Journalists were not designed with veiligheidsbijdrage that they have to pay for European summits

d9d7a32ab7400e3d1ae40142560a261f - Journalists were not designed with veiligheidsbijdrage that they have to pay for European summits

Journalists who European summits at the rond-point Schuman defeat would now 100 euro per year will have to pay. That contribution to the security screening for those who want access to sensitive buildings or settings shot, however, quite Europe-journalists in the wrong throat: ‘They have still not understood that this is the capital of Europe.” The department of Foreign Affairs promises that the measure is evaluated and if necessary adjusted.

Since 1 June, Royal Decree is in force, which stipulates that those who have a security screening should undergo to certain sensitive buildings or settings to enter a financial contribution, explains Matthieu Burners, spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, from. For example, people with risicoberoepen, such as those in a nuclear power plant works, but also to journalists at a European summit of the sensitive buildings.

The new rule is part of a package of measures in the fight against terrorism. “We get so many applications, and there is so much has changed in the infrastructure, it was necessary to take a fee,” says Burners. The ability actually already exists since the law on veiligheidsattesten in 1998, but is now only used.

The measure is especially the Europe-journalists in Brussels in the wrong throat shot. Belgian journalists and their foreign colleagues, that in our country, now have 50 euro to pay for the interim security screening, which is required for European summits to be able to attend.

The Belgian belastingwoede

‘Unseen and completely unacceptable’, says Tom Weingaertner, the chairman of the International Press Association in Brussels at the New York Times. ‘The onverheid must be responsible for our safety and for the freedom of the press, and we are not going there twice to pay for it’, he refers to the taxes that the journalists residing in Belgium already pay. Also, the French journalist Jean Quatremer in the NY Times to complain. ‘The belastingwoede in Belgium is incredible, ” he says. He calls Belgium a “dysfunctional state” where the citizens are not in the least concerned with the lumbering government services. ‘All expatriates living in Belgium, can have their say on how the Belgian government made their work difficult. The government will, of course, his tail retracting and say “Sorry, we had not seen it coming”, but it just shows how this country, that everything has been done to all major European institutions to here to pick up, still have not understood that it is the capital of Europe.

‘Journalists should do their work’

Also, the European Commission has already understood to not be happy with the new arrangement. “The Commission is not of the Belgian law of 1 June, in force, and is also not going to be the contribution to enter,” said spokeswoman Mina Andreeva Wednesday. ‘Journalists should do their work in the best possible circumstances, can do.”

“The new measures are still to be evaluated’, assures the ministry of Foreign Affairs, and can if necessary be adjusted’. The concerns of the journalists are transferred to the National safety authority (NFA), it sounds. That body is competent for the issuance or revocation of veiligheidsattesten.

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