“Incredibles 2” achieved milestone of $ 1 billion in global box-office

6d9b458653669c738cb9482fc00ebeb6 - "Incredibles 2" achieved milestone of $ 1 billion in global box-office

The sequel of “The Incredibles” from American director Brad Bird has perhaps 14 year wait, but it draws at the same time records. The “Pixar”film in a record time of 47 days from the cape of 1 billion dollars reached at the global box-office. That writes The Playlist.

That staggering amount is still but six other animated films obtained, of which four from Disney: “Frozen”, “Toy Story 3”, “Finding Dory” and “Zootopia”. “Incredibles 2” is after “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War” is also the third Disney adventure that this year more than $ 1 billion opstrijkt and the fourth in total. Also “Jurassic World: “Fallen Kingdom” from Universal is one of the lucky ones.

Disney wrote even more history because there are now a total of 36 films are that once the threshold of 1 billion dollars exceeded and the company is responsible for half of it.

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