How afraid should we be for printed weapons?

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A federal judge in the United States has prohibited and blueprints online that plastic guns can be printed. But how scared should we have for such weapons?

They have no serial numbers, in theory, by anyone at home to be made – also by people with a criminal record – and are much harder to detect by the security personnel of an airport, for example, because they are not made of metal.

Firearms from a 3D printer reels, they seem to be the nightmare for any government. Not for nothing forbade a federal judge in the wapengekke America on Tuesday that the blueprints for a gun not online may be placed.

The driving force behind the initiative is the self-proclaimed activist and anarchist Cody Wilson (30), which has been working on the development of a plastic gun when he was studying law at the university of Texas. In 2013, he threw the blueprints of The Liberator, the gun that Wilson had made with a 3D printer that he on eBay had bought. On the pin after all the parts in plastic. Before Wilson was ordered the plans offline to pick up, were already more than a hundred thousand times.

Dangerous for shooter

What is certainly not to say that there are already tens of thousands of copies of The Liberator were made. Download the blueprints of such a weapon is only the beginning. To really with the files to get started is quite some knowledge about 3D printing and related design software. And is a very solid printer.

Because they succeed to a plastic schietijzer get your hands on, then the question is just how dangerous that printed guns actually are. At this moment, not very, as it turns out. Or is it for the person at whom the weapon was aimed. The Australian police decided in 2013 to the plans of The Liberator download, and had it made by a conventional 3D printer to develop. Then fired them from a distance, with a rope tied to the trigger, a bullet. The result? Time and time again splashed the plastic gun into a thousand pieces as soon as the tractor was persuaded. It was thus probably only the shooter was injured, and not the victim.


‘My biggest fear of plastic guns to people who are online a blueprint to find a copy with their 3D-printer to create and then unintentionally injured’, says Terry Wohlers, an expert in 3D printing, to The Guardian.

Much more expensive 3D printers which metal parts can be manufactured according to Wohlers might be able to get the job done. “But that costs easily $ 100,000 and more, and are also very difficult to operate. You would anyone can hire the right equipment and knowledge, but who’s good intentions will, of course, quickly other people about appeal.’

Within a few years?

‘I would not waste time on the printed weapons, ” says Phil Wong, a wapenexpert from Arizona to The Guardian. “Unless you hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on a professional printer which is also metal parts can produce, you get a plastic thing in their hands that has to go is not as strong as a firearm that you are just in the shop can buy.’

‘Perhaps there is within ten to fifteen years, however, a cheap device on the market that is reasonably schietklare weapons to produce, ” says Max Lobovsky, the ceo of 3D-printerproducent Formlabs. “And maybe it is good that the government here already legislation around makes. But at the moment it is absolutely not logical to at home your own gun.’

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