Extreme heat Spain: mercury rises to 50 degrees

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AMSTERDAM – Portugal and large parts of Spain are on the verge of an extreme heat wave. From Thursday, the maximum temperature in the interior of Spain and in the central and south on many places on 40-45 degrees, reports Weeronline. According to NoodweerBenelux can locally even 50 degrees.

Spain is the next few days plagued by extreme heat.

To the Spanish costa’s and on the Portuguese coast is 30-35 degrees often less hot, but Lisbon can be a high of 40 degrees expected. Because it is sunny and dry increases the likelihood of natural fires is increasing. Next week will disappear the extreme heat gradually.


One consolation for vacationers: a swim in the Mediterranean Sea is not very cold with a water temperature of 23 to 26 degrees. On the Portuguese south coast is the water colder by 17 degrees and on the west coast the water is 15 to 17 degrees.

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