Danes argue against prohibition gezichtsbedekking

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COPENHAGEN – Hundreds of Danes have in Copenhagen demonstrated against the new ban on the wearing of gezichtsbedekking. Some demonstrators wore a burqa or nikab during their protest march through the Danish capital.

The Danish parliament voted earlier this year with the measure, that Wednesday has become effective. Wearing gezichtsbedekkende clothing such as masks, nepbaarden or burqa’s can now be punished with a fine. It comes with a first offence for 1000 krone (about 134 euro). At a Later date, penalties of up to 10,000 crown to be imposed.

Critics find the law discriminatory for muslims. ,,We need to send a signal to the government that we are not by the knees for discrimination and a law that is specifically directed against a religious minority”, said a 21-student, who is a nikab wearing during the demonstration.

The students and other protesters in islamic dress have Wednesday not to fear a fine. The use of gezichtsbedekkende clothing falls in this case under the freedom of speech, says the police. Estimated to carry about 150 to 200 women in the country daily a burqa or nikab.

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