Congolese opponent Bemba after eleven years back in the Congo

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The recently released Jean-Pierre Bemba is returned home.

The Congolese opponent and former rebel leader Jean-Pierre Bemba was ten years in a Dutch cell. The International criminal Court convicted him for war crimes, but last month came Bemba surprisingly pretty in the appeal.

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Had he already know that his candidacy will submit as a presidential candidate. That may continue until August 8. The presidential elections are scheduled for 23 december. Bemba said that he thinks that the opposition one candidate to advance to slide, and he will himself resign if he is not.

Also opponent Moïse Katumbi, the former governor of the rich mijnprovincie Katanga, who are badly at odds is cases with Kabila, has announced that he will soon go to the Congo, returning to stand as a candidate. The third major candidate is Felix Tshisekedi, the son of the deceased ‘eternal opponent’ Etienne.

It is also look forward to the plans of president Joseph Kabila. His second, and according to the constitution, final term as president was already on 19 december 2016. But he continued to stay on without facing elections. Question is whether the constitution is going to ignore it and yet again a candidate.

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