British minister warns of ‘dirty divorce’ from EU

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The new British Foreign minister, Jeremy Hunt during his visit to Austria, that currently is the chair of the European Council, again warned of a “dirty divorce” between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

After his meeting with his Austrian colleague Karin Kneissl in Vienna told Hunt that the absence of an agreement is a far-reaching impact on the relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, and that for a whole generation. ‘The risk of a “dirty divorce” is real, “said Hunt,” what a huge strategic error.’

Hunt denied that there was a strategy behind his statements and that the intention was to scare people into make, as an agreement to force: ‘This is not about fear sow, but about the reality, ” says Hunt. “We need to make a decision about the future relationship of the Uk with the EU, and we should be honest about the choices we face.’

The brexitonderhandelingen would by the end of October should lead to an agreement, and at march 29, 2019 the brexit is a fact. However, there is still disagreement about issues such as the new trade relations and the border between Northern Ireland and EU member state, Ireland.

‘Barnier is not offside’

The British minister spent the past few days, a similar message to Germany and France, but denied Wednesday that he, through his direct contacts to the European chief negotiator, Michel Barnier offside turn. He acknowledged that negotiating with the European Commission, ‘the correct and legal way. “But ultimately, the outcome of those negotiations, a choice for the European countries which the Commission, its mandate will be.”

A possible extension of the deadline for the negotiations seems to Hunt ‘very unlikely’.

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