Brick about the miracle in Mexico: “Crash without killing rare’

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DURANGO – It is extremely rare, a crash with a large commercial airliner without killing. “These passengers are very lucky”, says expert Benno Baksteen, a former pilot of KLM.

An Embraer 190 of Aeromexico with two pilots, two flight attendants and 97 passengers yesterday crashed during the start of a domestic flight from Durango to Mexico City.

No one died, but there were a lot of wounded, among whom, according to local doctors, a dozen quite seriously. Passengers speak of a hard bang and a sudden downward movement. “With one blow we came a few hundred metres past the end of the track on the ground. Within a few minutes broke everywhere fire. We were happy,” says a Mexican eye-witness.

’Irrevocably down’

“The first analyses suggest that the ten-year-old unit is not good from the ground. Over the last part of the runway would have been the case of wind shear, which is a life threatening valwind as you near the ground. The weather was rainy. The aircraft became out of balance. Possible came a wing against the asphalt, after which the motors for the kids. There is no lift anymore and then you deposit irrevocably down,” said Brick.

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According to him, most of the air disasters during takeoff and landing. “These are crucial phases of a flight. Pilots are not allowed to make mistakes. Acute wind shear is difficult to correct. Sometimes that’s on the radar to see, sometimes not. In this case, there was a storm coming, but it is up to the air traffic control and the captain to determine whether you still leaves. There are fixed criteria for to avoid risks.

’Angel on one shoulder’

Brick stresses that this crash is still up in all the details must be examined to know what happened and to learn from them. “The plane is burnt out, says enough about the seriousness of the accident. I have managed to everybody from the wreck. Crew is trained to make that quick to do in emergency situations. If not within a few minutes had happened, had it much worse can happen. These people have an angel on their shoulder.”

There are, according to him, in the history of modern aviation hardly any cases in which such a heavy blow at full speed with no victims to regret. “Around the jobs have airports mostly flat terrain without trees and buildings. That is their salvation. Plus the rapid evacuation. Hats off to the crew,” says Brick.

He does not exclude that there is also a motorprobleem was. “Usually vliegongelukken due to a confluence of circumstances and a combination of several factors,” says Brick.

A well-known disaster by wind shear, which bad ended, was with a DC-10, Martinair full of Dutch tourists, who in 1992 during the landing in bad weather on the Portuguese airport of Faro (Algarve) suddenly against the runway, clapping, in half broke and caught fire. That came through hard valwinden, an unstable approach and aquaplaning. There were 56 dead.

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