Blueprints 3D-printed weapons are not online

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WASHINGTON – The online blueprints for 3D-printed guns, which Wednesday released would be, appear, still not on the internet. An American judge has been there for a few hours for the publication of a stick to put into it. He ruled that the publication irreparable damage could occur to U.s. citizens.

Several states had brought an action against the release of the blueprints which allow people to at home a weapon able to print. Because the weapons of plastic, they are not noticed by detectiepoortjes.

The right blocks with his decision, an agreement to which the U.s. government recently with a company out of Texas had closed. The company came in 2013 with the first 3D-printed handgun and put the design online. The company commenced a lawsuit to when the of the government the blueprints offline had to get. In June the company received after a scheme to demand permission for publication.

Defense Distributed, as the company is called, had on his website in big letters is the date announced when the blueprints back online if. But since Friday had been a number of designs online. The court stated that the publication of those files is illegal.

Defense Distributed relies on the first and second amendment of the U.s. constitution. Those articles give Americans the right to freedom of expression and on the owning and carrying of weapons.

With 3D printing, objects are three-dimensional printed with a fine powder that layer after layer is built up.

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