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Blind Married may continue to exist

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The television show ‘Blind Married violates the law on the bureaux are not and may continue to exist. That decision, in a research that minister of Work, Kris Peeters (CD&V) was run.

Minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V) was in september in the Room on the grid was laid on the concept of ‘Blind Married’. In that the VTM program brings together a team of experts, a number of single men and women together. The couples have to get married without each other in advance, and after a period of time to decide whether or not to stay in the marriage.

But Olivier He (DéFI), mayor of Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, for example, refused his participation in the French version of the program. There is mayors asked to act against marriages of convenience and then we have this toetstaan, this was his reasoning.

No fee

After parliamentary questions about the legality of the programme, asked minister of justice Koen Geens advice to the College of Procurators-General. That ruled late last year that the legal validity of the marriage between two strangers is not insured, all added to the college there, that it was no priority to act against the program. The College asked also to investigate whether the programme makers are not set up as a huwelijksbureau.

The verdict is there now. ‘Blind Married transgresseth not the law, says Peeters. ‘The participants pay no fee, and so the program can not be considered as huwelijksbureau. Moreover, it is not the intention of that law to such television programmes to regulate.’

The law on the bureaux was in 1993 introduced in order to put an end to the many abuses in the sector. The law defines mediation as ‘any activity where a fee of encounters between people are regulated directly or indirectly to a marriage or to a permanent relationship should lead.’

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