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Bitcoin Trading made easy: Thomson Reuters & crypto compare

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Thomson Reuters is now working with crypto compare. Together, the press wants to collect Agency data collectors data for crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, and Co for the Eikon platform. So you want to open the Monitoring of the Bitcoin rate for institutional investors and Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies bring to the mass market.

Thomson Reuters, one of the largest news agencies, is working in the future with crypto compare. Your goal: to make Eikon kryptofit. The latter is a Tool that offers various possibilities for financial data analysis. In cooperation with crypto compare Reuters wants to feed this Tool effectively with crypto relevant data.

The data to be fed from more than 50 crypto-currencies. By Eikon offers both real-time and historical data, to help users effectively to trade and to invest.

The founder of crypto compare expected more transparency and easier access for institutional investors:

“While the market for digital asset Matures, we can observe a strong increase in demand from institutional investors. You need to understand and global market data in real time, which can be trusted for investment. We are pleased to introduce this partnership with Thomson Reuters – we wanted to bring transparency to the market. This partnership provides a great opportunity for institutional investors to our data and to benefit from our Expertise.“

Charles Hayter

Optimistic Outlook in the Reuters and crypto compare despite the decline in the Bitcoin price

Just like the CEO of crypto compare Sam Chadwick, block sees chain expert at Thomson Reuters, a great need for reliable data. In spite of the course if 2018 in the case of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Co, he looks for the Trading of Bitcoin has a great future:

“Even if the exchange rate of the currencies of many of the leading Crypto in the year 2018 is decreased, we observe the interest of a growing number of our customers for the Monitoring of the courses. We have been working together since our Blockchain Hackathon 2016 with crypto compare and are impressed with your work.“

With this cooperation, ultimately, the Monitoring of the Bitcoin is simplified course. Also, the investment in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for institutional investors and may result in a capital inflow. The price of Bitcoin is currently stable at just over US $ 8,000. This is a weekly increase of 0.19 percent. In the monthly course, which is a Plus of 25,92%.

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