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Bitcoin price falls, Ethereum, Ripple, and Co to pull – the crypto-the summer hole


The price of Bitcoin drops at the moment. The same with many Altcoins. Both Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (Ether), Bitcoin, Cash and EOS write red Numbers. The hardest among the Top 20 it is currently EOS with a loss of just under 10 percent.

In the last few days, it looked as if the Bitcoin exchange rate constant at the US $ 8,000 mark can cling. Currently, this is broken – but in a direction that will appeal to the least Hodlern and investors. Currently, the price of Bitcoin is just 7.774 US Dollar. So he is still in a monthly increase of 21 per cent. In the weeks-to – day-to-day review, he has lost almost 5 percent.

Not just Bitcoin: Altcoin courses fall

As so often, it’s in the Altcoins and the Bitcoin rates are very similar. So the Ethereum course (Ether) fell within the last 24 hours to 6 percent. Also, the Ripple price (XRP) fell in the last 24 hours by four percent.

The hardest hit are in the Top 20 crypto-currencies with the highest market capitalisation at the moment EOS. With a loss of more than 10 percent of the EOS course dropped within the last 24 hours to about 7.25 to the US Dollar.

Only the Binance Coin has within the last 24 hours, a slight increase – this is currently 2.14 per cent, of the Binance Coin is thus 13,37 dollars. In fact, he is among the Top 100 of the single Coin (with the exception of the stablecoins Tether) that can be recorded within the last 24 hours, with a slight Plus.

The Overview of all courses can be found here.

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