Army stores protest after the elections in Zimbabwe apart

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The ruling party has the parliamentary elections with an overwhelming majority won. The new president is not yet known.

Supporters of presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) on Wednesday in the Zimbabwean capital Harare on the street come. They suspect the government of the results to want to distort so that the current president Emmerson Mnangagwa can stay on.

The election committee has the announcement of the winner of the presidential elections, again with a day delayed.

The demonstrators are violently torn apart by the army with heavy equipment is called out. This would, according to the Zimbabwean police for three deaths. According to a spokesperson of the police was the deployment of the military is necessary because of the cops violence is not only the boss could. The demonstrators claimed, however, that they are not armed. “Why shoot the army on us? This is a shame for our nation, ” said Colbert Mugwenhi, one of the protesters.

In any case, it is through the action of the army for the next president hard to be the image of Zimbabwe to Polish and re-international support and to attract investors.

Also the observers from the European Union, not to speak about the failure of the results. “The longer it lasts, the smaller the legitimacy that arises from the elections,” said Elmar Brok, head of the European delegation.


The results of the parliamentary elections is still not official. From preliminary results it appears that the ruling]-Pf 144 seats won compared to 61 for the MDC. Three seats have yet to be assigned.

How would the government the required two-thirds majority to have the constitution at will to change.

The elections on Monday were the first since the resignation of Robert Mugabe. Under his reign, nearly forty years, fell off the land into corruption and international isolation.

Ever was Zimbabwe one of the most promising economies of Africa. Today the unemployment rate at more than eighty percent, and there is a shortage of essential products.

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