Angry pilots New York to draw penis in the air

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NEW YORK – Five pilots of the New York police were so angry at their boss that they have a plane of four million dollars have been used to a large penis in the air to ’draw’.

Not the penistekening from the story.

The hated chief of the pilotenunit, James Coan, could live to watch on the screen.

The pilots were given last summer to hear that they are low over open water had to fly at forty miles from the sea for suspect vessels to keep an eye on. The single-engine Cessna – which was used to mayor Bill de Blasio and his holiday in Canada to fly – was there according to the pilots total not suitable for.

The pilots warned Coan about the “suicide mission” and refused to have in the direction of the sea. “Everyone who complained about the mission, should the most awful chores refurbishing,” says a source to the NY Post. “The things were totally nothing to do with the work. So they had to wash his car.”

Two of the five pilots are dismissed. The action was successful, the pilots do the flights for the time being not to worry.

The NYPD wants a photo of the route do not release. Also, the route is not visible on other vluchtroutetrackers.

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